You as an entrepreneur and your business are not alone in the business world.

You have customers, and you want from them to buy more and more from you. You have potential customers, and you want from them to become your customers. You have suppliers. You have partners.

You have your own business community where your business exists and without which your business cannot survive.

Except building and maintaining your community you need to build better relationships. You need to communicate with them. You need to make them to become your partners. You need their help if you want to grow your business.

#1 First Impression is Very Important

Probably, there are several seconds about the first impression that can make a whole picture about you in the brain of the other’s person. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a favorable first impression.

#2 Find Shared Passions

Peoples creates a group because they want to share their passion. They want to share their ideas, their similar problems, their similar values. Find something shared between you and another side and talk about that.

#3 Make Win-Win Situations

Nobody wants to lose. You are not there because you can win, and other side must lose. Always try to find the situations where both sides will win. It builds really long-term relationships.

#4 Trust Them if You Want, They Trust You

How you can expect someone to trust you if he/she cannot see that you trust them. If you trust somebody, and that person can see that, then also that person will trust you. You build the relationship on mutual trust.

#5 Unselfishly Share Your Knowledge and Skills

I know that you have the knowledge, experience and skills. But, that knowledge, experience and skills are not only for you. You need to share your knowledge, experience and skills with them if you want to become real part of that community.

#6 Help Them

Everyone had problems. Everyone needs help even they not ask about that. If you help them, you will build great credibility and trust. That’s the most valued level on your relationships with that community.

#7 You Are Not the Best for Everything

You have the knowledge and skills, but you are not the expert for everything. You need sometimes to listen to them. Probably, you will learn something.

#8 Learn From Them and Show That You Learn From Them

If you listen to them, you will hear something. So, you can learn something that you can implement in your business. When you implement something that was because you learn from them, let them know about that.

#9 Motivate Them

You are the part of your community. You need to help and motivate them to become better, to improve their lives. That’s part with which you build your credibility.

#10 Be a Human

You are a human being. Your community is composed by human beings. Why be something that’s not acceptable in your community. Source: Entrepreneur in a box

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